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About Us

Vanguard Children's Academy is a family owned business led by Director Maria A. Caballero, lovingly known as Ms. Kiko. With over 35 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, Ms. Kiko is at the head of our team of certified educators, all of whom have chosen this vocation for the rewarding experience of inspiring a child's intrinsic curiosity and creativity. Both Ms. Kiko and her daughter are not only the owners, but also Lead Teachers in the classrooms working alongside their passionate staff to educate students through the "Creative Curriculum" method that promotes experiences in cognitive, social/emotional, physical and language development. Our school is truly a home away from home and we welcome you to schedule a tour and to hopefully join our Vanguard family!


Our Philosophy

Vanguard Children's Academy (VCA) is committed to providing an optimum environment for the development of your child. As a complete learning center, our certified staff is dedicated to mentoring and enhancing each child based on strong principles and commitment to promote Kindergarten readiness.

Our Mission Statement

We at Vanguard Children's Academy offer a safe and secure place for learning; striving for an education that develops the full capacity of each child, encompassing cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth.

We teach through creative play and hands-on activities; strengthening creative expression through music, dance, drama and other fine arts. 

We are a community of awareness, appreciation, and stewardship of the natural environment.

We are loving, supportive, and family oriented caregivers. Our vocation and passion is the well being of children. 

Our Library

With great pride, we offer a beautiful and nurturing Library unlike any other. A monochromatic mural and a life-like tree decorate the halls of our literary space. Books are literally brought to life with over 5 ft. of shelves adorned with an array of books accompanied by the plush toys of their memorable characters for the children to hold as they engage in both classic and modern stories.

We place a great emphasis on literacy at VCA!  Throughout the entire preschool, books are available to the children for independent or group reading. Books are found in every area and center within each classroom, as well as in our Sensory Room.  Our teachers engage students  through audio tapes, felt boards, dramatic play, and a puppet theatre.  

Our Playground

Our Playground strengthens children’s physical development while engaging their natural curiosity to learn. We offer an "outdoor classroom" with privacy and security for the children to run and expand their growing bodies. Each of our four classrooms has a door to the playground, and there is a water fountain and sink easily accessible to all the children. 


With sand tables, water tables, manipulatives, and musical instruments available, the playground functions as an extension of the classroom. Bicycles, balls, a slide, and a tunnel allow the children to strengthen their gross motor skills and coordination.

Preschool Coral Gables
Our Classrooms

Our Classrooms are designed with your child’s best interest in mind! Each classroom has interest areas such as Block, Science, Math, Art, Manipulatives, and a Dramatic Play Area.  Our preschool includes four classrooms equipped with developmentally appropriate materials for children that are between 12 months to 5 years old.


Our classrooms are 100% ADA compliant and they each contain a handicap accessible bathroom for any student with special needs. With an abundance of natural light and an overall soothing color scheme, parents and children enter our preschool immediately feeling a sense of warmth and comfort.

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