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Vanguard Children's Academy ("VCA") is a premier school for children 12 months all the way up to 5 years old. With a low student : teacher ratio, our academic program allows children to grow in ways as unique as they are through an engaging, hands on approach known as The Creative Curriculum. Offering Preschool, After School, and Summer Camp, this is childcare reimagined!

Our Academic Program

VCA provides a safe and loving environment where your child will thrive! Our teachers not only focus on children's cognitive development, but also on the emotional, social, and self-help skills that embody the whole development of each child. The experiences and skills formed in the early years of education directly relate to a child's long-term academic, emotional, and social success that last a lifetime. Click on each picture below to read about all of the areas of development at Vanguard Children's Academy!

We are committed to educating our students through hands-on activities and age-appropriate lessons while preparing all of the skills necessary for Kindergarten Readiness!
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